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Cruising onboard the Braemar with
Fred Olsen Cruise Lines - December 2012

Life is certainly full of surprises - if you had asked me 8 years ago if I could have imagined that I would be painting watercolours, never mind travelling across the world and teaching, I would have not thought it possible.

Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves and look at other ways to live our life. I have always been something of a creative free spirit - which can sometimes take you way off the track, but leads to a more spontaneous way of being.

This all came about when my husband Greg was yet again complaining about the Irish weather and musing that, with his musical ability and my colour expertise, that there might be opportunities for us to cruise away in the winter using our talents. With budget always been a bit of an obstacle, we eventually made contact with Fred Olsen who put me in touch with their Speakers and Arts agency.

Asked to send all our details we promptly forgot about it. Out of the blue, months later, I received a phone call and was asked to go to the UK for an audition. The agency said "yes" to my being a speaker on Colour and Style (my previous career). I have since travelled on the Boudicca and Blackwatch as a speaker.

Then to Christmas 2012. Greg and I planned to stay in Ireland and have a quiet time, then the phone rang about the 10th December, "Would I be available to teach watercolours on board the Braemar travelling to Madeira, Cape Verde Islands, Canaries, Tenerife and back by Lisbon?"
Well - where else would we be going??

We were totally blessed - arriving Southampton 18th December we stayed overnight in Jurys, sailing 19th December - our wedding anniversary.

I was a little apprehensive as to where I would be teaching but I was delighted to find a full arts and crafts room was on the ship. I could not believe my luck!  Most sea days I ran a class and usually up to 25 people came along.
Classes started 9.30 am and although I was only one deck away from the classroom there was always someone waiting for me.

On the final day of the cruise, students could display their works in the Atrium - with much excitement the exhibition took place - many had never painted before.